Oakley Investment FAQ

What was announced?
On August 20th, 2018, cPanel signed an agreement to be acquired by a group led by Oakley Capital (Oakley). Both Plesk and cPanel will operate as separate businesses.

When will this transaction take place?
After signing, there are a number of steps that need to take place before the transaction is final. These steps include a governmental review. While the companies will seek a speedy governmental review, they cannot estimate a closing date.

What management changes are anticipated?
There are no changes in Plesk. In cPanel Nick will remain the CEO following the transaction, and cPanel will remain headquartered in Houston, Texas USA.

What are the benefits to customers?
Customers will benefit from the significant investment in new product and feature innovation. Both the Plesk and the cPanel platform will grow to provide an improved user experience.

How will this affect customers?
There will be no immediate customer impact. Both Plesk and cPanel will continue to run as an independent businesses.

Will Plesk and cPanel keep their names?
Yes. We fully anticipate that Plesk and cPanel will keep their names, and be managed separately until a time, if any, when integration with other Oakley group companies is in the best interests of the companies and minimizes any impact to customers and employees.

How will this impact Plesk’s and cPanel’s release schedule?
We do not anticipate any changes to release schedules as a result of this transaction.

Are additional acquisitions anticipated?
The companies will continue to evaluate acquisitions as opportunities present themselves.

I have a question that was not answered by this FAQ?
For additional inquiries, please email [email protected].

For further cPanel related questions, please also visit: https://blog.cpanel.com/cpanel-oakley-investment-faq/

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