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Claim up to $500 in Amazon Web Services credits

  • Current Plesk customers migrating to Plesk on AWS are eligible for $500 AWS computing credits. You’ll need to be running an active Plesk image from the AWS marketplace (either BYOL or hourly) to qualify. Self-installed Plesk versions on an EC2 instance do not qualify. 
  • For a limited time only*: The more servers you migrate, the more AWS credits we’ll provide. Migrate up to 2 servers and get $500 AWS computing credits. If you plan to migrate more than 2 servers, contact [email protected] to gain even more! 
  • New Plesk on AWS customers are eligible for $100 in AWS computing credits without any limitations.

*Valid until November 30, 2017

Why Plesk on AWS?

Stay on the cutting edge of innovation, grow with global scalable infrastructure, and always stay protected with rock-solid security.

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Plesk WordPress Server Solution

Plug-and-play Plesk on AWS server solution for WordPress sites with essential features such as Staging, Cloning and Syncing, and also pre-configured for security and optimized for performance.

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Expand with Plesk Extensions

New, powerful extensions, such as Symantec SSL, Plesk Premium Email powered by Kolab, Docker, Node.js, Let’s Encrypt and more.

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What Our Customers Say

  • Sune Miltersen

    "A week ago I haven't even heard about Plesk. Now I thank the Plesk God every night! Awesome software!"

    Sune Miltersen WebSiteMakers

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