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Zoho Mail Extension allows you to set up email hosting with Zoho Mail from Plesk. The extension lets you sign up with Zoho Mail in a few simple steps including domain verification, adding users, etc from within Plesk.

Key features:

  • Simple domain registration process
  • Easy domain verification process with access of zbcode within Plesk
  • Single-click configuration of MX records for your Zoho Mail account
  • Adding users to Zoho Mail via Plesk

How it Works:

  • Install the Zoho Mail Extension for Plesk
  • Register your domain with Zoho Mail
  • Authenticate Plesk to access your Zoho Mail account
  • Verify your domain using the zbcode displayed in Plesk and configure MX record
  • Add users to your Zoho Mail account

More information:

For detailed instructions for Zoho Mail Extension, please refer to help page.

Version 1.0.1
Requires 17.8.11
Developer Zoho Mail
Platform unix
Category Mail

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