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Plesk Welcome Guide

Plesk Welcome Guide

Ever felt left after you've completed the installation of your first Plesk Server?
Thanks to Elvis Plesky this time is over now. Our mascot will guide you through the most important steps before he hands you over to our Advisor that consolidates best practices regarding security and performance of the server and hosted websites.

Pre-defined Presets

The Plesk Welcome Guide features 3 different pre-defined presets:

  • Default
  • WordPress Edition
  • Business & Collaboration Edition

Own presets can be easily configured via the backend of the extension or through your own JSON file. Use the CLI commands to easily download and activate your own presets for your customers.

How to create own presets

You want to create your own preset? Check out the help page inside the extension or the file found in the official Welcome Guide GitHub repository. We strongly recommend you to examine the pre-definded presets to learn how the structure of the JSON file must be and what actions are possible with this extension.

Version 1.1.0
Requires 18.0.23
Developer Plesk
Platform unix
Category Help & Troubleshooting

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