Datagrid VCTR reliability and vulnerability scanner


PRO Vulnerability and Security Scanner

The VCTR or Vulnerability and Configuration Tracking and Reporting extension just got even better.  This easy-to-use Plesk extension guides you through recommendations based on real usage data from 100s of 1000s of systems worldwide.  The new, improved PRO version allows you to view the list of vulnerabilities and updates available and perform upgrades with a single click, in the same interface.


 Features  Datagrid VCTR PRO   Datagrid VCTR Free 
 Configuration scan X X
 Upgrade recommendations X X
 Dashboard notification X
 Selective updates X
 Automatic updates X
 Same interface execution X


VCTR scans machines for vulnerabilities and manages software packages, securing all your websites and customer information. Now, you can easily make updates while looking at recommendations based on what’s working best on real servers all over the world.

Availability and cost

The VCTR reliability and security scanning extension comes in two versions,  basic (free) and PRO ($9.99 a month).  Available immediately through the Plesk extension catalog and directly accessible from any Plesk interface in-app.

Created by Datagrid Systems, market leaders in developing the intelligence to power autonomous IT infrastructure.


About Datagrid

Datagrid Systems is a leading provider of software and services for DevOps and data center operators. The company’s VCTR service combines telemetry from systems around the world to provide intelligence that improves reliability and reduces vulnerability. Currently, VCTR supports most popular Linux distributions and operating environments including Docker and Amazon Web Services. Users can try VCTR free and without registration at


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Plesk 12.0.0 and up
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