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Support SSH Access

Support SSH Access

This extension helps to provide Plesk Support Team with the access to the server simplifying the routine.

NOTE: Technical support from Plesk company is provided for free only to Plesk's direct partners/resellers or for customers who purchased Plesk directly from Plesk online store.
In all other cases support is provided by ISV provider/hoster/license reseller.
Should you yet have a direct Plesk support it's available as paid option: How to get support directly from Plesk?

What actions will be done to provide access?

  • A new user is created on the server
  • Plesk public SSH keys are added to the keychain of the new user to make sure that the connection to the server is secure
  • IP address of Plesk Support Team is added to the internal firewall (Note: If an external firewall is used, such as Google Cloud Platform Firewall, manual intervention is required)
  • A user lifetime is set to make sure that the user is removed automatically
Version 1.0.1
Requires 17.8
Developer Plesk
Platform unix
Category Help & Troubleshooting

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