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LJPc solutions

Security.txt for Plesk

The Security.txt extension for Plesk enhances the security of your hosted domains by automatically generating a security.txt file for each domain. This file provides a standardized format for security professionals to report vulnerabilities, promoting responsible disclosure and a safer web environment.

Key Features

  • Automatic generation of security.txt files for all hosted domains
  • Built-in security.txt generator for easy creation and customization
  • Intuitive editor for manual adjustments to the security.txt content
  • One-click save functionality to streamline file management


  • Simplifies the process of reporting security vulnerabilities
  • Encourages responsible disclosure among security researchers
  • Elevates the security posture of websites hosted on your Plesk server
  • Provides a convenient tool for generating and managing security.txt files

Developed by LJPc solutions, a division dedicated to creating tailored software solutions, the Security.txt extension is designed to seamlessly integrate with Plesk and provide a user-friendly interface for managing web security. The inclusion of a security.txt generator within the extension further streamlines the process of creating and maintaining these critical files.

Install Security.txt extension

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