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Plesk Mobile Center

Access to your Plesk account anytime and anywhere from iOS and Android devices.

Plesk Mobile Center extension provides the server-side functionality needed for communication with the Plesk Mobile application installed on mobile devices.

It can be installed automatically during connection of Plesk server with Plesk Mobile application.

Plesk Mobile gives Plesk administrators and their customers mobile access to management of their domains. If you are the administrator of a Plesk server, you can also access a number of server management features. The app requires Plesk 11.0 or higher – and it’s free. See the full list of features below.

Domain management features:

  • File manager with basic operations
  • Embedded simple text editor
  • Subscription statistics
  • Quick links and ability to open Plesk in embedded web view

Server management features for administrators:

  • View the list of services on a server
  • View server information: OS, CPU, Plesk version and so on
  • View server health: CPU load average, memory consumption, swap usage, etc
  • Health monitor events on your smartphone
  • Subscribe to Plesk events
  • Secret key authentication
  • Roll back and retrieve Plesk license key
  • Restart a server
  • Stop and start services on a server
  • View Plesk access and error logs
  • Restrict administrative access to Plesk, including particular IPs from access log
  • Open Plesk in embedded web view
Requires Plesk 11.0.1 and up
Developer Plesk
Category  Server Tools
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