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Web Presence Builder for Plesk

Presence Builder is a great tool for creating professionally looking websites without any HTML knowledge or graphic design skills. This tool provides a simple visual editor and a huge set of templates for different websites. Just pick a suitable page design and content template, add your text to the pages, and publish the website.

Presence Builder allows you to:

  • Create webpages.
  • Add a wide variety of content (text, images, video, scripts, and so on).
  • Edit website settings (website name, keywords, icons, and so on).

Read more about Web Presence Builder.

Note: To enable Web Presence Builder for Plesk, perform the following steps:

  1. Install the Web Presence Builder component.
  2. Purchase a Web Presence Builder license key.
  3. Install the license key.
Version 1.0.0
Requires 12.0
Developer Plesk
Category Web Apps & Site Editing

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