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Advanced Monitoring

Important: This extension is currently in Beta. This means the following:

  • The extension is provided on the "as is" basis for evaluation and testing purposes only. We do not recommend using it in production.
  • The extension may crash, lack certain features or polish, and is expected to have bugs.
  • Plesk disclaims any form of guarantee or liability in relation to its use or engineering.
  • No technical support.

Can you help us make the extension better? Report bugs, missing features, and any other problems with the extension to [email protected].

This extension replaces the Server Health Monitor component. Advanced Monitoring works in tandem with the Grafana
extension to display your server metrics as visually appealing graphs and dashboards.

With Advanced Monitoring, you can:

  • See detailed reports on the server health.
  • See how server health parameters change with time.
  • Change the displayed time period.
  • Keep track of the system resources' usage on the server.
  • Configure email notifications to inform when one or more resources'
    usage reaches a pre-defined threshold (this feature is on its way).

Note: When you install Advanced Monitoring, it automatically installs the Grafana extension.

Version 1.0.1
Requires 18.0.14
Developer Plesk
Category Beta

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