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Show logins, mail sent, and mail received, sorted by domain name
The mail-log plugin for Plesk gives you the possibility to learn about emails sent to and from your server. Available info includes IP addresses, date and time of login, emails sent and received with details about mailbox domain.


  • Linux OS
  • Postfix SMTP mailserver

How the extension works:

  • Cron script is added to server cron for collecting data
  • Server administrator can activate and deactivate this cron script and limit collection of data
  • The following features are available:
    • View logins with info about mailbox, full date/time and IP address
    • View incoming email messages with info about sender mailbox domain, sender and date/time
    • View outgoing email messages with info about sender mailbox domain, destination and date/time
    • Configure suspicious alert notification and automatic change password.
    • View last logs line from admin section
    • Configure option of visibility plugin for clients
Version 1.5.0
Requires 17.8.11
Developer Configbox
Platform unix
Category Mail

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