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Internal Mail-Forwarding only

Protect yourself from Blacklisting

Due to massive mail-forwardings, you could get blacklisted with your server. But you do not have much control over your customers actions.
With this extension you can disallow your customer to create external mail-forwardings.

That will work: [email protected] to [email protected]
That will not work: [email protected] to [email protected]

Protect your customers

Most use-cases to create a forwarding from [email protected] to free mail hosters is because the customer is lazy.
But for contact it looks quiet unprofessional to write a Mail to [email protected] and get a reply from servicedoma[email protected].

Teach your customers to not create such useless forwardings, but use their mailboxes to write serious mails.

Be dynamic

Of course there could be some good reason to create such external forwardings. So the admin is able in all use-cases to switch the domain-part of the Mail-Adress.
Customer could then still continue to change user-part, the external domain is kept in place.

Version 1.4.0
Requires 17.5.3
Developer Lipperts WEB
Category Mail

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