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Domain Connect

Buying a domain name is just the start of a journey. To put your website online, you need to associate it with your domain.

If you have bought a domain name from a registrar and host your website at another hosting provider, you may need to point the domain name to your Plesk server. If your domain name is already pointing to Plesk, you may want to add additional third-party services (for example, mail or e-commerce platform) to your website.

In both cases, you will have to configure DNS settings. This may be a challenging task, especially for a beginner. To accomplish this task easily, use the Domain Connect extension. Just provide the domain name, and the extension will automatically configure DNS settings for you.

Disclaimer: Currently, this only works for a selected set of hosting providers listed here. Many may still be in implementation of this Plesk feature. So if you don't have it activated yet, we kindly ask for some more patience and appreciate any early feedback to continue improvements. If you are a DNS Provider or a Service Provider interested in integrating with Plesk using Domain Connect, please contact [email protected].

Version 1.4.1
Requires 17.0
Developer Plesk
Category DNS

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