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Diskspace Usage Viewer

Diskspace Usage Viewer

If you run out of disk space, your question is usually in which folders are the most unused and largest files to clean up your file system.

This extension shows you quickly how much disk space is used by which folder and allows you to free up some space efficiently.

You can navigate quickly through the file system using an intuitive, dynamic UI. The URL in the address bar is updated with the currently loaded folder; thus you may bookmark your favourite paths for quick access.

Important and Plesk-related system files are protected from being deleted using a pre-defined blacklist.

Largest Files On Server

The extension scans the complete server using a regular cronjob and lists the top largest files for a quick overview. The files can be deleted with one click!

Web Space Clean-up

This action removes all cache/temp files and system backups older than the specified amount of days. This process does not touch user backups.

Diskspace Usage Viewer is a free extension and your contribution is welcome in our official GitHub repository: https://github.com/plesk/ext-diskspace-usage-viewer

Version 2.0.9
Requires 17.8.11
Developer Plesk
Platform unix
Category Client Tools

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