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Deevop, best web development platform


What is Deevop

Deevop is a continuous workflow platform for developers and web designers with which you develop, preview and publish your WordPress and Joomla! based websites. This best web development platform allows your team to collaborate and share the progress with your client easily and simplifies the deployment.

Deevop reduces risks through a three-phase workflow:

Develop -> For working safely and privately on the site
Demo -> For tests and showing progress to the client
Production -> The live version of the site

Demo and Production phases are hosted on your Plesk server, whereas Develop is hosted in a private VPS just for your team (your Dev Server). With a powerful ACL (Access Control List) you can assign your team members to access to work on specific phases of selected sites with tailored permissions. Your Plesk server is automatically configured and set up. All you have to do is select the website you would like to connect to deevop. We save you money by optimizing your workflow in addition to helping you make your customers happier.

Main Features

Central dashboard for the management of all your Websites; they can be hosted on different servers by the same or different providers.

Hosting environment auto setup:

  • Databases
  • Password protection
  • Coming soon page

Cloud Development Environment:

  • Professional Web IDE
  • Drag & Drop File Manager
  • Version Control
  • Task Automation
  • Three Phase Deployment Workflow
  • Database management
  • Project Wiki
  • Password Management
  • Xdebug
  • Set up your Addons automatically
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Console

Joomla! Features:

  • Install your own package
  • Install your own extensions
  • Core Updater
  • Clone Sites
  • Deployment operations (activate plugins, cache, etc)

WordPress Features

  • Install any plugins or themes from WordPress directory on site creation
  • Core Updater
  • Clone Sites
  • Deployment operations (activate plugins, cache, etc)

PRO Features

  • Automatic SSL certificates in development phase via Let’s Encrypt
  • Advanced Workflows: Selective overwriting of database tables or files
  • Mailcatcher: easily debug the emails your site sends
  • SSH Access to your Dev Server: connect your own IDE, set up cronjobs, connect to Xdebug, etc

Why you need Deevop

Deevop plans:

Freelancer – Up to 10 domains
WebStudio – Up to 30 domains
Unlimited – Unlimited domains (harddisk space limited to 50GB)

Each Deevop plan is available in 2 feature levels – Starter and Pro

Starter Features Pro Features
All Starter Features
Three-Phase Workflow Advanced Workflows
One-Click Deploy Deploy Operations
CMS Core Automatic Updates SSH Access
Web Editor/Cloud IDE Custom Account Subdomain
File Manager Mailcatcher
Version Control Bulk tasks
Project Documentation ACL – select sites and permissions for users
Addons Daily Server Backup
Optional SSL certificates for development sub-domains
Requires Plesk 17.0 and up
Developer deevop website platform
Category  Web Development
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