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Hands, Inc.

What is Crayon?

Using the Crayon smartphone application, you can create a full-fledged website and update it with a simple operation.

By using the upload function in the app, the created website can transfer the HTML files to Plesk and get published.

  • Easy to implement net shop creation and PayPal settlement.
  • You do not need to prepare a Personal computer to create a website.
  • You can tap the portion you want to modify or revise while viewing the website on your smartphone and change it on the spot.

Many websites are created under the "Free plan", however if you upgrade to the "Paid plan", you will be able to utilize many useful functions.

App Store – Apple

Google Play

How to create a website

  • Arrange the parts and create a website.
  • When writing any text, just place the text parts and set the sentences in those parts.
  • Select font color, background color, font size and design. A screen is also simple to make.
  • When you want to post photos, just select the photo parts and photos taken with your smartphone.
    Trimming (cutting) and rotation can be done after selecting a photo.
  • You can change the order, or replicate and delete parts that you have placed.



  • You can receive queries and contacts from users who are viewing your website.
  • You can use it as an application form for products and services as well.
  • You can easily change and add the input form and use it as a questionnaire as well.

Phone number

You can set a phone call button. This is useful in case of contact by phone.


You can display multiple images in a specific order. Recommended to use this on the HOME page to make it better.


You can easily add a map (GoogleMAP). It is a highly functional map where you can zoom-in/ zoom-out and move with your fingers.

HTML (Paid License)

This part is for advanced users who can write HTML code. You can place a blog part such as Twitter’s timeline.


FREE: Basic plan. With this plan, you can use our service for free.

PAID: Multiple images and pages where you can write HTML code on your own, plus use of Google Analytics.


LICENSE                                         FREE             PAID      
Number of pages 3 300
Number of images 10 1000
Advertisement View Yes No
Powered by Crayon View Yes No
HTML parts No Yes
Contact Us Form 1 10
Contact Us Reception 10 100
Google Analytics No Yes


E-commerce function

LICENSE                                         FREE             PAID      
Number of items 3 1000
Order history 1 month 5 years
Online settlement PayPal PayPal
Product variation 2 50

Install Crayon extension

Hostname or IP or URL of your Plesk instance:

Plesk uses LiveChat system (3rd party).

By proceeding below, I hereby agree to use LiveChat as an external third party technology. This may involve a transfer of my personal data (e.g. IP Address) to third parties in- or outside of Europe. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.