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PHP Composer

Use PHP Composer without SSH access

Execute most useful Composer actions via the UI even with no SSH access.

  • Set up environment variables
  • Edit your composer.json
  • Run the Install and Update commands

Install and update dependencies with one click

No need to remember the commands and options you have to run to install dependencies.
Plesk takes care of it with a click of a button.

Coming soon: No more headaches with partially updated dependencies breaking your
production website. Perform a test run before the execution to make sure
the dependencies can be installed with no issue

Review the installed dependencies and decide if updating them makes sense

Updating dependencies is vital for security but can lead to a broken website.

Coming soon: Indicators also show if there are security issues with the installed version.

Get the right PHP version automatically

  • Your website will automatically use the PHP version specified in composer.json.
  • Composer is run using the correct PHP handler (not the system default, but the one
    that is used by the particular website).
  • Coming soon: Plesk chooses the correct PHP version and handler - just log in
    via SSH and run the "php" command.
Version 1.1.2
Requires 18.0.18
Developer Plesk
Category Web Apps & Site Editing
Web Development

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