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DocuManagement with Workflows, eSigning and Collaboration

Use your Plesk server as fully integrated solution for document storage, workflows, eSigning and recurring tasks. Sync all data between all your devices and share them with anyone.

Example cloudplan private cloud structure

Features and advantages

Private Document Storage

  • Server Storage on Plesk Server and Hybrid Multi-Cloud Option – Use your own Plesk server together with other on-premise or cloud servers to build your own Private DocuCloud.
  • Versioning and Monitoring – File changes or deletions can be saved in a versioning system according to certain rules so that older versions can be restored. Monitoring can be activated for your own server units, which gives you an overview of the storage space used and notifies you when storage units fail.
  • Local Sync and mobile Clients – A locally installable client can be used for storage, synchronization or remote access to the storage instances. Mobile Clients for Andoid and iOS
  • Enterprise Search – Search all enterprise content including workflows based on content metadata and tags.

Workflows & eSigning

  • Unlimted Workflow Processing – Receive and process Workflows including eSigning.
  • Template Designer – Create and define workflow templates that include signing, approval or any kind of type of tasks. These templates can be assigned to other users. For example you could create a template with a NDA contract that includes a pre-defined workflow before and after signing. The starter of the workflow does not have to create the workflow, but uses ready-made templates that can be provided centrally within the company.
  • 10 Ad-hoc Workflows per Month – Create ad-hoc workflows for signing, approvals or other tasks. Single or multiple steps can be configured.
  • Documents Handling – A single Workflow can handle Multiple Documents and/or Forms and includes DocuTaging for Global Search as well as DocuHashes for file security.
  • Workflow Protocol – After completion of a workflow, a detailed and auditable protocol is created and sent to the participants and also saved for later viewing. Each individual processed step is listed chronologically.


  • eSigning – Weblinks can be created so that other users can quickly and easily access the contents of a folder or file. Weblinks can contain different levels of rights and can be protected with several optional security mechanisms such as passwords in a separate message, passwords at the time of access and the associated settings for the duration of the granted access times.


  • Transfer encryoption – Each data packet is transmitted in encrypted form.
  • 2-Factor authentication – You can configure 2-factor authentication based on the Google Authenticator app.

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Example cloudplan private cloud structure

Reduce up to 75% processing time

With digital document processes, you can reduce processing times by up to 75%. The integrated electronic signature function enables immediate legally secure signatures by internal and external participants.

eSigning Workflows

How does it work?

cloudplan is a Private Cloud Storage Solution which you can install on your plesk server, on cloud servers or in a hybrid setup scenario. It runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android. cloudplan creates your Private DocuStorage and offers 100% data sovereignty by connecting all nodes automatically with end-to-end-encryption.

On top of this secure DocuStorage solution, you will find features and funtions to collaborate in any way with your Business partners and Customers.

With the document workflow solution you digitize your processes and enable everyone to work together regardless of location. Individual fields with automatic data validation, mandatory field options and drop-down lists reduce the risk of missing or incorrect data due to manual processing. The integrated electronic signature ensures fast and smooth business processes based on legally compliant documents.

cloudplan Features

All documents are stored in the secure private storage solution and are therefore available for search, analysis and further use / archiving. A complete and traceable audit trail for every completed process, documents all steps and participants in the process and is supplemented by the unique hash value of the result document in the workflow portal.

cloudplan Features

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