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CloudLinux OS


CloudLinux OS

Welcome to CloudLinux OS, the #1 Operating System for Hosting Providers!

Available Editions & System requirements

CloudLinux OS version Server OS conversion available from:
CloudLinux OS Solo     CentOS8/Almalinux8/RockyLinux
CloudLinux OS Admin     CentOS8/Almalinux8/RockyLinux
CloudLinux OS Shared     CentOS6/7/8 Almalinux 8/RockyLinix
CloudLinux OS Shared Pro     CentOS6/7/8 Almalinux 8/RockyLinix

For the new CloudLinux OS purchase and license installation on your server:

1. Execute the provided extension to proceed with the CloudLinux OS licensing purchase and installation.

2. The CloudLinux OS installer enables you to acquire CloudLinux OS Shared and Shared Pro licenses or upgrade your current Shared license to the Shared Pro version.

3. Please be aware that if you ordered licenses before Nov 15, 2022, the upgrade process will require manual license cancellation. Afterward, you can purchase the Shared Pro version through the new extension. However, if you don’t plan to upgrade your licenses, no action is needed.

For existing CloudLux license holders:

If you already possess a CloudLux license, you don’t need to install this plugin. You can seamlessly access and enjoy the benefits of CloudLinux OS. Simply continue using your existing CloudLux license to experience the full power of CloudLinux OS and its suite of features.

CloudLinux OS Solo – OS for small businesses and any individual with just one hosting account. Includes performance optimization tools and other features that ensures the website is up and running.

CloudLinux OS Admin – for up to five separate hosting accounts with access to all the features and benefits that end-users experience on a shared server (and more).

CloudLinux OS Shared – Improves shared server stability, density, and security by isolating each tenant and giving them allocated server resources.

CloudLinux OS Shared Pro – Advanced version of CloudLinux OS Shared that additionally includes deep-look performance analytics, centralized monitoring, and WordPress performance optimization tool.

  • For Shared Servers

Improves server stability, density, and security by isolating each tenant and giving them allocated partitions and limited server resources like memory, CPU, and connections. It creates an environment that feels more like a virtual server than a shared hosting account. Pro features give an in depth-look at server performance analytics and bottlenecks. With system monitoring and notification settings, CloudLinux OS makes sysadmin life easier and reduces the number of performance-related tickets. By doing so, CloudLinux OS reduces operating costs and churn rates and increases profitability.

  • For VPS and Dedicated servers

Gives ultimate control and system monitoring on all your websites with the ability to find and fix performance bottlenecks. Based on AlmaLinux (previously on CentOS), CloudLinux delivers a reliable OS with 24/7 support and no worries for End of Life.

  • For Wordpress hosting

Includes AccelerateWP – a set of optimization features available for sysadmins and website owners. It allows hosting providers to identify slow websites on a server and send automated solutions directly to the website admin to speed up the website in one click. Makes WordPress hosting faster, smarter, and more profitable with per-site upsell functionality.

CloudLinux Products Features comparison for Plesk users

Features CloudLinux OS Solo CloudLinux OS Admin CloudLinux OS Shared CloudLinux OS Shared Pro
Maximum amount of hosting accounts   1 5 unlimited unlimited
Resource Limits (LVE)   No Yes Yes Yes
Cage FS   Yes Yes Yes Yes
MySQL Governor   No No Yes Yes
PHP Selector   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Selectors (Python, Node.js, Ruby)   No No No No
HardenedPHP   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Apache mod_lsapi PRO   Yes Yes Yes Yes
SecureLinks   No Yes Yes Yes
Website monitoring tool   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website monitoring alerts   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Slow Site analyzer   Yes Yes Yes Yes
PHP X-Ray   Yes Yes No Yes
Centralized Monitoring   No No No Yes
AccelerateWP   Yes Yes No Yes
Support 24/7   Yes Yes Yes Yes

Read more about CloudLinux.

Read how to uninstall Cloudlinux.

Install CloudLinux OS extension

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