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Atomic Secured Linux

Atomic Secured Linux

Turn-Key Security

Atomic Secured Linux (ASL) is an easy-use-security add-on to your existing Linux operating system.

It provides complete security at all levels from setup and management to prevention in one simplified management console.

Unlike other security solutions, ASL is usable by beginners and experts alike.

With ASL, Plesk users can now have the same level of protection that typically comes only with a team of security experts, all wrapped into one product.



  • Host Intrusion Prevention System
  • Kernel Intrusion Prevention System
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Denial of Service Protection
  • Virtual Patching
  • Auto-learning Role Based Access Control
  • Malware/Antispam/Antivirus protection
  • Web Application Firewall


  • Automated Secured Log Analysis and Management
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System


  • Auto-healing and Hardening
  • Automated Malware Removal

Platform Support

  • Works with all virtualization platforms, including Virtuzzo, openVZ, VMWare, KVM, QEMU, Hyper-V and more
  • Works with CloudLinux
  • Works with all Cloud platforms, include AWS, Azure, Google Compute and more

Immediate Results

Atomic Secured Linux solves today's greatest cybersecurity challenges right out of the box, including:

  • Zero day attacks – users are automatically protected from most attacks because ASL hardens you servers right down to the kernel
  • Application vulnerabilities – automated protection from common security issues such as brute force attacks, SQL injection, code injection, Cross Site Scripting, and more
  • Data Theft – ASL automatically detects and prevents theft of credit card, PII and other sensitive data, protection your data and your customers data from exfiltration
  • Regulatory compliance - PCI-DSS, HIPPA, FedRAMP and more
  • Site defacement / comment spam – both blocking and self-healing features


Active Subscription

  • A license must be purchased to use Atomic Secured Linux.

Operating Systems

  • Linux distributions supported
    • Centos 6 and 7
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7
    • CloudLinux 6 and 7


  • 2 GB RAM is recommended if all ASL security features are enabled


  • Single or multi-core Intel and AMD CPUs


  • Web management console supports all major web browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera
Version 1.3
Requires 12.5
Developer Atomicorp
Platform unix
Category Security

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