“You can’t go wrong with Plesk” – An Interview with Softaculous

Innovative products are so because they change the way the things work. One such example is Softaculous. An advanced auto-installer that can quickly install scripts, applications, and more with just a single click. Helping both non-technical and advanced users in their website experience. Beginners can install helpful apps, scripts and CMS without any technical complexities, while experts can save lots of time.

While popularly synonymous with the one-click app installer, Softaculous actually has many other features too. Lately, they’ve also introduced impactful products like SitePad and Wpcentral. We recently sat for an interview with Pulkit Gupta, Softaculous CEO, for more insights about its ventures and operations. How do they do it?

Could you tell us something about your latest venture ‘Wpcentral’?

Wpcentral, as the name suggests, is a centralized WordPress management dashboard. You can have multiple WordPress in different hosting accounts or different data centers. Then you can just manage your WordPress from one location. Wpcentral has one-click installation for plugins, themes, WordPress backups, WordPress itself – and soon, even post and comment management. You can do everything from just one place – Wpcentral

How does Plesk help Softaculous in its operations?

Softaculous - Plesk

Plesk is a long-time partner. Since integrated Plesk in Softaculous, thousands of users use it. Of all the control panels, I guess Plesk and cPanel are the two most advanced and stable panels. But you can’t go wrong with Plesk because of how easy it is to use a Plesk hosting account.

As a company, Softaculous believes in proactive customer service. That means, we make the first move to identify the needs of our customers. Then, we develop the solutions before the tangible problems can even crop up. We noticed that Plesk applies the same agile and proactive ideology. This is something that really aligns us with Plesk and similar progressive technologies with a futuristic approach.

Can Plesk be an asset for developers too?

Plesk is easy, feature-rich and stable. For a developer, this means they can concentrate on developing faster and not wasting time on managing their web panel or its functionality. Plesk is also very secure and constantly audited by security experts.

What tips can you give digital entrepreneurs to minimize risks and maximize returns in 2020?

Softaculous interview

(Smiles) There are many tips I can give new start-ups, but I’m sharing my three most basic tips for beginners:

  1. Start with clear objectives and a solid ideology.You can never start a business with a wavering mind. Don’t just follow the crowd, but develop clear objectives in terms of revenue and reputation. I would emphasize that you should be as specific as possible.- How much profit do you want to earn?
    – How much minimum capital will you need to support business expenses?
  2. Sell solutions.

Ask yourself three simple questions relevant to your niche and expertise:

  • What is a present or potential issue that has not yet been solved?
  • Can I offer a solution to it (and how)?
  • Can I make a good income (net profit, after costs) by selling this solution?
  1. Balance your flexibility.What I mean by this is that your fundamental activities and objectives should preferably remain the same. However, your strategies and operations can remain flexible. You can actually fine-tune these things to your specific business in order to reap the maximum benefits. Especially when it comes to the latest trends, technologies, and so on.

In the end, Softaculous found a good match with Plesk because of its advanced, yet easy, functionality. But also, because our campanies our aligned on values related to proactive customer experience and delivering solutions. Plesk can be an all-round solution for hosters and developers alike. So, if you’re still debating on whether to take your business to the next level, go for it. See what Pulkit Gupta has been saying for yourself.

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