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1 SKU to rule them all. The new Plesk Solution Packs

Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A

  • New Plesk Solution and Extension Packs: “1 SKU to rule them all!”
The next step in our targeted solution proposition. Transform a Plesk server into a solution server targeted at WordPress users and Small Businesses.
  • Share & Earn : “Let’s try something new!”
Want a piece of the extensions pie? You can upsell Plesk extensions through the extension catalogue. And increase ARPU by offering extensions to you current install-base. Discover more and join our new Share & Earn program.

Webinar: Pleskとソリューションパッケージの紹介

(webinar conducted in Japanese)

Speaker: Tomonori Machida

Dates & Times:

July 26, 2017: 16:00 Japan time

About this webinar












7 26日(水) 16:00~



Webinar: Sell Solutions, Not Infrastructure!

Speaker: Diarmuid DaltúnCSO Plesk

Dates & Times:

June, 29, 2017: 08:00 UTC (10:00 CEST, 16:00 SGT, 04:00 EDT) & 14:00 UTC (16:00 CEST, 22:00 SGT, 10:00 EDT)

July, 06, 2017: 08:00 UTC (10:00 CEST, 16:00 SGT, 04:00 EDT) & 14:00 UTC (16:00 CEST, 22:00 SGT, 10:00 EDT)

About this webinar

With the undeniable rise and dominance of the so-called hyperscalers such as AWS, AlibabaCloud, Azure, our beloved hosting and cloud industries are undergoing massive changes. Traditional hosters of all sizes are surrendering their control over what has to date been considered a key component of their offerings, their datacenters, and moving their workloads to the public cloud.

In this series of interactive Webinars, Diarmuid Daltún, Chief Sales Officer of Plesk will share his insights on trends in numbers and how the Industry is changing, ultimately guiding you to answer for yourself – how should I guarantee a growth path for my organization? How can I embrace the current changes and still enjoy attractive margins?

Over the course of one-hour, Diarmuid and Guests will demonstrate you how you can leverage the power of Plesk, to create Solutions that match your target-groups’ needs and how to ensure your customers immediately begin to address their challenges. You can decide for yourself if you will cling on to your own datacenter or if you too will move your commodity workloads to the hyperscalers.

Webinar slides: here

Webinar recording: 

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