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Focus on developing and scaling your web application, not on running infrastructure or managing security – Plesk helps you with all your WebOps needs.

What is WebOps?

Web Operations (or WebOps) is defined as a domain of expertise within IT systems management that entails the deployment, operation, security, maintenance, tuning, and repair of web-based systems. It is considered a subset of the larger DevOps movement. In the past, these tasks required a number of specialists to ensure correct functioning of all the components throughout an application’s lifetime. Today, the WebOps role is rapidly becoming a distinct specialty to support application developers by automating all such relevant tasks and processes through a platform like Plesk.  These processes are today mostly based in the cloud – hosted at a service provider or one of the large cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

How does WebOps differentiate from shared hosting?

  • Shared Hosting is generic and focused on SysAdmins – WebOps focuses on developers.
  • Shared Hosting is geared towards services (websites, email, etc.) – WebOps comprises application development workflows plus automation of infrastructure and security underneath.
  • Shared Hosting is about installing services only – WebOps handles the whole life cycle from installation, operation, maintenance and security of services.
  • Shared Hosting uses server resources in a siloed mode – WebOps provides an integrated environment of services that is entirely friction free to operate.

Ready-to-code Environment

As a developer, Plesk not only provides you a siloed set of services but a full ready-to-code environment. That time saved will increase Flow and get you in your zone faster, whether it’s a simple WordPress instance, a complex environment of multiple PHP versions, PHP Composer and databases or even Javascript frameworks like NodeJS.  IDE available directly within Plesk.

Developer Features – Details

Rock Solid Infrastructure & Server Security

Security for Web applications is something both developers and SMB end customers consider important once it’s too late.

With Plesk, you get all your security needs installed at a simple click, with pre-defined security pre-sets so you don’t need to think about configurations.  If you still need flexibility to update any of these pre-sets, that’s also available.  Sleep tight at night – by using Plesk Security on every level – Operating System, Network, Web Application and Plesk itself.

Server Security

Vertical Auto Scalability

By combining Plesk with one of the leading Virtualization solutions such as CloudLinux or Virtuozzo, Plesk can be scaled vertically with nearly no limitations. The only constraint is the physical infrastructure underneath. Find out more about CloudLinux


Increase the profitability of your development business

Whether you’re a digital nomad web pro or a web development and design agency, using Plesk saves you valuable time, increasing your revenue potential by automating all relevant infrastructure tasks in the back-end.  By continuing to include these services in the customer invoice, you can build a profitable recurring business after the initial sale.

Automation Features

Server Security

We are trusted by cloud and hosting providers around the world