Plesk Privacy Policy

This Plesk Privacy Policy is deemed to demonstrate that our visitors’, partners’ and customers’ (collectively “you” or “your”) privacy is one of Plesk’s cardinal objectives, especially when accessing and this website. It sets forth the manner and legal commitments which Plesk agrees to maintain in collecting, processing and (where applicable) disclosing information from users of this website.

By using our website, products and/or services you agree to the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

Collection of Information

Plesk gathers information in most of its interactions with you, whether directly or indirectly. Some of the information may be Personal Identifiable Information (“PII”) which may enable Plesk to identify, locate or contact you as an individual. However, most of the gathered information is not PII.

Information received from you directly

Plesk collects and stores information during the registration of products, the creation of online profiles and any contact for support or other matters. Examples of your information:

  • Names, addresses, phone numbers;
  • Payment data (only indirectly through reliable and secure online payment processor);
  • Billing and other purchasing and shipping information;
  • Records of transactions, including purchases, inquiries and service requests;
  • Authentication data such as user name and password to verify access.

Plesk does not forward any personal information (especially email addresses) to third parties without your express permission, unless bindingly and mandatorily required by the applicable laws or prosecution authorities.

Plesk’s employees are under the obligation to maintain confidentiality.

Plesk strives to collect only as much information as needed for the purpose intended by customers and visitors the Plesk website and to maintain only that information that is relevant to such purpose.

Information Collected Automatically

Plesk may collect and store information about how you use the Plesk website(s) and applications. Plesk may collect IP addresses of website visitors, browser type and other information such as search terms.

Data Protection for Minors

The Plesk website as well as its contents and offers are not directed at children or minors. Accordingly, Plesk does not want and does not assume that any information collected on the Plesk website or any forum will be personal data pertaining to children or minors.


A cookie is a piece of data stored on your computer, tied to information about you. Plesk may use all kinds of cookies. This may either include cookies which terminate and the erase once you close your browser or log out or cookies stored on your computer for an extended timeframe.

These cookies may help Plesk to improve your user experience while visiting the Plesk website. They may also help Plesk store whether, for example, you want your password remembered or not, and other information. Cookies used on the Plesk website do not contain personally identifiable information.

You can block cookies though this might disable certain features that you find convenient.

The Use and Processing of Information

Plesk uses your product purchase and registration information to keep you informed about updates, patches and other advisories related to Plesk products. Plesk further uses it to process your purchases, manage subscriptions, send messages and provide product support.

Plesk also uses your information for research into improving its products and services, for planning new features and updates and to customize and improve its websites. This may include, but not be limited to Plesk contacting  you for your participation in quality assurance survey offers (e.g. via the phone number you provided), which you may or may not decide to participate in per your exclusive discretion. For the safety of Plesk customers and employees, Plesk may use collected information to detect and prevent potential or actual claims and prohibited behaviors, such as fraud or attempts to breach the Plesk information security.

You may choose to not provide your information, though that will likely prevent Plesk from providing certain services. At all times, you may choose to receive or to stop receiving Plesk marketing materials, newsletters and subscriptions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Plesk retains the right to send you messages concerning your purchases, critical updates and other administratively necessary information. You cannot opt-out of these messages.

You may give or withhold permission for Plesk to share your information for marketing purposes with trusted 3rd parties and partners. You can also respond to our electronic communications and subscriptions using the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the communication.

Plesk appropriate technical and organizational measures related to the respective purpose in order to protect the information provided by you against abuse and loss. Personal Information and PII are stored in a secure operating environment that is not accessible to the public. In addition, each of Plesk’s employees is trained on data protection and obliged to enter into a contractual confidentiality agreement.

Sharing of Information

In order for Plesk to execute its business processes in a convenient and optimal manner, it may be necessary for certain data to be processed by trusted 3rd parties. These 3rd parties may process payments, fulfill orders, send email or conduct other activities on behalf of Plesk. However, Plesk only shares such information needed to serve the specific purpose for which the 3rd parties were engaged. Plesk ensures that these 3rd parties are under similar obligations to maintain confidentiality as Plesk’s own employees are and that they will handle your information in the way and to the extend as Plesk itself is permitted to. Plesk does not allow them to use your information for any unauthorized purposes.

Should Plesk merge with or be acquired by another company or Plesk sells product lines, service activities or other assets, it is likely your information will be transferred as is appropriate and relevant.

Plesk has taken extensive safety and operational precautions, including administrative, physical and technical safeguards to protect personal information. Furthermore, Plesk deploys reasonable safeguards across the company databases to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure or loss of personal information.

Information Retention & Destruction

Plesk only maintains your PII for as long as it is required to provide the requested services. When your PII is no longer needed to serve the purpose of its collection, Plesk periodically de-identifies the data, creating aggregated, anonymous records to aid the Plesk research and to improve Plesk products, services, and communications. Plesk employs data destruction techniques designed to completely destroy data and prevent any future recovery.

Cross-Border Disclosure of Data

Plesk will only disclose your information abroad if it is necessary for the intended purpose. All recipients of information are asked to agree by contract that they will observe the then-current internationally-accepted data protection regulations. In general, it is Plesk’s primary data-protection goal to limit cross-border exchange of information (especially from Europe to the USA) to its absolute required minimum.

Links to 3rd Parties

The Plesk website may contain links to websites of certain 3rd Parties (suppliers, 3rd party ISVs, etc.). Although Plesk pays particular attention to the contents of linked websites and the quality of the links posted on its website, Plesk neither has any influence on the contents of these 3rd parties’ websites, nor on the way these 3rd parties treat personal information collected on their own websites. Accordingly, Plesk disclaims any responsibility and liability for actions of any 3rd parties or the observance of data protection regulations by 3rd parties, linked to from Plesk’s website. In the event you envisage any shortcomings or breaches of data protection regulations by one of the 3rd parties linked on the Plesk website, please immediately contact Plesk per the address below to allow Plesk to take the appropriate actions to stop this misbehavior.


If you have questions about this Plesk Privacy Policy and the procedures in use you may contact us at [email protected]


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