Pricing Adjustment 2017/2018


Here are the frequently asked questions about our 2017/2018 price adjustment.

Why are you increasing the prices?

Adjusting our prices will ensure that we can continue to invest heavily in product development, grow our partner ecosystem, and become the leader in server, web infrastructure and WordPress automation solutions. But not all prices are going up, we have decreased the pricing for the Plesk WebPro Edition (dedicated), and added the WP Toolkit (SE) to the Plesk Web Admin Edition.

Which prices are changing?

We are adjusting the pricing on all Plesk products, 3rd party products, and our legacy (non-edition) licenses. All our current SKUs will be mapped to new SKUs, as reflected in the email you should have received about this change.

What do I need to do? Should I expect any disruption to my servers or businesses?

No. There is nothing you need to do, and you should not expect any disruption. These changes only affect our billing and invoicing processes, and all changes (if any) will be done on our side. You will not have to change any license keys or otherwise on your servers.

Will the old SKUs still be available?

No, as part of this adjustment exercise, we are depreciating all our old SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and reorganizing new SKUs to align with our product roadmaps and business strategy.

In addition, it won’t be possible to create any more non-edition licenses in our key administrator from February 1, 2018. However, existing licenses will continue to work.

Why are you also increasing pricing for your legacy products? (e.g. Plesk 10 and 11, Ensim, Confixx, etc.)

We have to adjust the prices to cover the increased cost of support and management over the past two decades.

Also, we want to encourage all our customers to join our new licensing structure, to ensure that they enjoy access to the latest features and security updates. Customers on our legacy Plesk 100 or 300 Domains license are now on price-parity with the current WebHost license, but will continue to have the same restrictions (e.g. only 100 or 300 domains), without access to the latest perks and benefits, if you do not upgrade.

Why are the prices for VPS and Dedicated servers the same for WebPro and WebAdmin editions?

To simplify pricing according to most common use cases and similar setups. In reality, there is no significant difference between what you can do with Plesk on a virtual machine and a dedicated server with WebPro and WebAdmin.

Is your discount scheme for non-profits / education institutions affected?

Absolutely not. And if you are a non-profit organization or education institution interested in joining our scheme, contact us for more information.

Is the price increase a result of Plesk becoming independent?

While we only recently became an independent company, Plesk has actually been operating autonomously for the past two years. Independence has had limited impact on our product roadmaps and business strategy.

Will Plesk make another pricing change in the future?

Plesk, as any other software company, periodically assesses the impact of our pricing to ensure there is a reasonable alignment with the needs of our customers and partners across the globe.

While this is the first major price adjustment in our 18 years of business, we may make further increases or reductions in response to its assessment and feedback, but we will always make sure that our customers receive outstanding value and an exceptional product for the price paid.

Plesk uses LiveChat system (3rd party).

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