Become a Plesk System Integrator in your region

Plesk sees system integrators as a key player in our ecosystem, as Plesk will not build up professional service

Integrators will be involved in the following tasks when Plesk is working with its customer and partner base:

  • Service providers replacing larger legacy hosting platforms (10’000 sites and more)
  • Migration services
  • Building Extensions for Plesk and/or for ISVs
  • Integrations into existing systems at service providers

Plesk would like to include system integrators actively on the Plesk website as part of the Extensions catalogue – in case a system integrator is ready to invest a bit of time to learn Plesk (certification – free of charge and a few hours only) as well as learn how to build extensions.
Commercially, we can work with system integrators in multiple ways:

  • If Plesk brings in a project (for a larger hosting platform), Plesk will be probably the prime contractor
  • If the integrator brings in a project – the integrator should be prime contractor and act as a full service reseller of Plesk
  • In both cases, Plesk will search for fair deal structures whereby Plesk will focus on license revenues and the integrator on services revenues.
  • In case, ISVs would like to have an extension build, Plesk is happy if that happens with a direct relationship between the ISV and the integrator.
  • However, Plesk’s intention is that every Extension will be open sourced and enabled on our Github repository as part of our open source engagements.

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