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Unihost company is more than 7 years on the market and all this time we’ve been moving forward and helping to move forward to our customers. Through all this time we have been doing our best to improve the experience of our clients. And after all this time we know what your projects need and why you have to choose Unihost. Our team will provide you constant and reliable protection from DDoS attacks up to the L7 level. Convenient and easy project management using the Plesk control panel. You even can choose one of our ready-to-go solutions on a dedicated server or VPS with Plesk included while contacting our managers and we will find the best decision for you! If you already use the Plesk control panel but don’t have enough functionality, or even got new tasks for your project (SEO optimization for example) – you can order convenient sets of Plesk extensions grouped by functionality and provided at a discount when ordering full sets. In case if you want to change the server, we provide absolutely FREE transfer of your project to our server. And what if a faster server is needed for a better price or even in another location, here we go Unihost is here for you. We provide individual service to every one of our clients. Unihost can take care of your server even if you are not our client. Still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support crew.

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Unihost started up in 2013 and since we started going this way we never stop, either developing our products, either building a strong and reliable team that gives all its time and energy to develop and improve everything about Unihost including the best possible support to our clients. For us doesn’t matter if you are just starting your project or you already have one, if you are with us you are part of our Unihost family. And family means everything for us. The high reputation of our company is not based on the PR-managers department budget, it was built through years brick by brick with our hard work, dedication, and faith in what we are doing. If you are suffering from permanent server failures, we think it’s time to join a professional and reliable team that would never leave you on your own with your problems, with the team that would give you answer 24/7, with the team that would never say “your” problem, it’s “our” problem. The most reliable hosting is here 99% uptime. It’s time to move forward, and join our Family. Our company will be glad to find in your person a business partner or client who is looking for a stable strong company with a decent reputation. We are always open to any questions, wishes, and suggestions

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