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Biznet Gio Cloud enables you fast integration of Plesk into the highly available cloud environment. Supporting various business objectives in Indonesia, Biznet Gio Cloud streamlines and simplifies your server/VPS management layer with the secure and comprehensive control panel features from Plesk.

Expand your unique websites performance and transform your offline business to online without hassle. Get more exposure in the digital world with selection of Plesk Bundle and SEO/SEM toolkit to boost up your business presence. Now you can manage multiple emails and websites securely on our robust cloud infrastructure without having to worry the spike of bandwidth cost


Biznet Gio Cloud memberikan Anda integrasi Plesk yang cepat dengan sistim cloud yang selalu tersedia. Mendukung banyaknya bisnis di Indonesia, Biznet Gio Cloud mempermudah dan menyederhanakan pengelolaan server/VPS melalui fitur layanan Plesk yang aman dan lengkap.

Dorong performa website Anda dan transformasikan bisnis offline menuju online tanpa adanya kerumitan yang berarti. Semakin tingkatkan daya tarik bisnis Anda dengan fitur Plesk Bundle dan SEO/SEM toolkit dan hadirkan bisnis Anda di dunia digital. Kelola secara aman berbagai email dan website di atas layanan infrastruktur cloud yang megah dan andal tanpa perlu khawatir tingginya biaya bandwidth.

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About Biznet Gio Cloud

Biznet Gio Cloud (PT Biznet Gio Nusantara) as Integrated Cloud Service Provider in Indonesia, is providing wide range of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and consulting services – from private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, architecture design, implementation, to the daily managed service.

Over the time Biznet Gio Cloud has been hosting most of major core services in Indonesia from enterprise business to startup level. The company is committed to provide support for Business Continuity Planning (BCP) across industries on their multiple Data Centers in Indonesia. Biznet Gio Cloud ensures SLA of its service with 99.9% uptime and free unlimited network traffic facility (inbound and outbound). Customers are covered by Data Center interconnectivity – multiple upstream and multiple national peers (OpenIXP, IIX, and IX) on their cloud.

The new technology and platform for system expansion will become another challenge for IT fast adaptation while keeping the operations running. Equipped with managed services and extensive consulting services, Biznet Gio Cloud is driven to reduce customers’ operational complexity, providing effective side by side services, enhancing customer’s IT Division, and dissolving potential hardship during transformation.



Biznet Gio Cloud (PT Biznet Gio Nusantara) hadir sebagai Cloud Service Provider yang terintegrasi di Indonesia, dengan layanan lengkap IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) dan consulting – mulai dari private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, desain arsitektur, implementasi, hingga managed service.

Selama ini Biznet Gio Cloud selalu melayani banyak sistim penting di Indonesia mulai dari enterprise hingga startup dan UKM. Sistim layanannya mendukung berbagai kebutuhan Business Continuity Planning (BCP) dari industri dengan memanfaatkan beberapa Data Center yang berada di Indonesia. Biznet Gio Cloud menjamin SLA 99.9% uptime dan network traffic unlimited tanpa biaya tambahan. Pelanggan cloud juga difasilitasi dengan koneksi antar Data Center dan terhubung lengkap ke berbagai upstream dan peering nasional (OpenIXP, IIX, dan IX).

Teknologi dan platform baru yang diperlukan untuk ekspansi sebuah sistim dapat menjadi tantangan tersendiri untuk tim IT beradaptasi dan juga memastikan operasional tetap berlangsung. Untuk itu Biznet Gio Cloud melalui layanan consulting dan managed service, selalu siap untuk membantu pelanggan mengikis segala kerumitan teknis operasional sehari-hari, layanan pendampingan, mendorong kinerja divisi IT, dan mengantisipasi potensi timbulnya masalah pada saat bertransformasi.

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