Unloq Two-Step Authentication extension by Plesk

UNLOQ Two-Step Authentication

UNLOQ provides two-step authentication via push notification to your mobile device or using a time-based one-time password.
In order to use this extension, you need to download the UNLOQ mobile app and setup the extension following the steps below


  • Go to the "UNLOQ Two-Step Authentication" extension
  • Enter your e-mail address and hit Next. You will receive a verification code on your e-mail.
  • Enter the verification code in the next screen and hit Verify. The extension is now successfully installed on your server.


  • Enable two-step authentication per role
  • Choose between Time-based OTP and Push notifications
  • Customise your instance name and push messages
  • Customise the way push notifications appear in-app
  • Add firewall rules to white-list API-requests towards UNLOQ
  • Send custom in-app notifications to your users
  • Allow your users to perform device re-pairing


  • Access "UNLOQ" under "Additional services"
  • Click on "Enable two factor" and scan the QR-image with the UNLOQ mobile app
  • The first time you scan the QR code, you will be required to approve a push notification on your mobile device.
  • The next time you login, you will be asked to approve the authentication request on your mobile device

For more information on the UNLOQ platform, visit https://docs.unloq.io

Requires17.0.17 and up
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