Sidekick - Interactive tutorial platform extension


Do you learn through interaction and task completion? Then meet SIDEKICK - you’ll become fast friends. Think of having an FAQ section spring to life as a real-time expert, available 24/7. This extension adds the SIDEKICK platform to your Plesk installation, with up to 180 interactive walkthroughs.

Introducing SIDEKICK

Introducing SIDEKICK

You and your users will learn how to solve your own issues and perform any tasks on any platform. No documentation, no videos, no support desks. Just you and your SIDEKICK.

SIDEKICK Pro for WordPress

Introducing SIDEKICK

This has got to be the most convenient, cost-effective way to provide training and support. If you want a complete list of available tutorials and more information on SIDEKICK you can see it all here.

Version 1.3
Requires 17.0 and up
Developer FlowPress
Category Help & Troubleshooting
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