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This extension is no longer available.

Perfect Dashboard

This extension is no longer available.

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Perfect Dashboard

 Note: This extension has been discontinued.

Website maintenance made efficient, simple and profitable


The Perfect Dashboard extension lets you update WordPress & Joomla! with one-click, perform automated tests after each update and automatically verify backups. 

Download and install Perfect Dashboard and get free credits worth 25 Euros, which covers the cost of all premium features, for free

About Perfect Dashboard

Updating CMS’s or its extensions is a long and frustrating process. Testing and fixing bugs after updates costs a lot of time and nobody wants to pay for that – We can fix this!

With Perfect Dashboard updating and testing is a piece of cake. With just one click you can update all your websites at once. Then, thanks to the automated smart testing engine, you can easily find all eventual problems after the update and fix the websites accordingly. With Perfect Dashboard this process is so easy and efficient that one web administrator can simultaneously manage 5 times more sites than he did before.

With Perfect Dashboard you can either have more free time or earn 5 times more!

Top Features

Genuine Test Engine
Let’s face it. Updates are often the cause of display errors. Testing websites manually after each update can be very time consuming. With our Genuine Test Engine you can be way more efficient. Perfect Dashboard will perform website tests for you and point out possible display errors.
Genuine Test Engine analyses all changes in the website layout, it also checks whether all Social & SEO Tags are still in place. And it works with every website on the Internet.

Automated Backup Verification in Cloud
You don’t really have a backup unless you know that you can use restore a website from it. Restoring every copy of a website and manually checking its integrity is boring and takes ages. We want you to be able to concentrate on more important tasks.
That’s why we give a one-click backup that starts a chain of actions which include copying website, remote restoration, integrity testing and storing backup at a chosen storage location. That’s it!

Custom Changes Detector
Editing CMS’s core files is a really bad practice, also editing the extension code is not recommended. But there are cases in which it’s difficult to customize a website to a client’s needs without it. That’s why Perfect Dashboard comes with a Custom Changes Detector.
It scans the entire code of your site for any modifications. Thanks to that you don’t have to remember to copy these parts of the code to the updated website code. What is more, we provide resources on how to implement these modifications along with good practices, to save you time on the next update.

Not Limited to WordPress & Joomla!
Perfect Dashboard is not limited to any particular CMS. It has been crafted to work best with Joomla! & WordPress, but you can use Genuine Test Engine with every website on the Internet.
Thanks to that you are not limited to any particular technology. Whatever your choice will be, Perfect Dashboard will be there to make your work more efficient.

Automated TO DO list
Managing multiple websites in a time efficient manner requires excellent organization. Perfect Dashboard helps you boost your efficiency. Everyday we check your websites and create a personalized TO DO list for you with all the tasks you need to perform to keep your managed websites secure.

With Perfect Dashboard you:

  • Save time, improve security and increase your hour rate
  • Backup, update and test all your websites remotely from one place
  • Thanks to advanced Integrity Pledge, you don’t have to worry about bugs caused by updates

With Perfect Dashboard you provide service of even better quality:

  • We help you to keep your customers satisfied – Thanks to Automated Smart Visual Testing Engine your team is always 100% sure that after any change or modification each part and each site of the website are free of bugs and works as designed.
  • We help not to make mistakes – There are cases in which CMS or plugin core files need to be edited. It may cause some problems during CMS update process. Our unique Custom Changes Detector scans the entire code for any modifications and highlights all custom changes in the core.
  • We help you to stay calm and focused on the most important projects because you are always sure that everything is backed up and free of malware. Perfect Dashboard not only backs up all your websites automatically but also verifies if backups are not corrupted. Moreover, all websites you manage are automatically scanned for malware software.
  • You can always think out of the box – Perfect Dashboard is not limited to any particular CMS. You can use Genuine Test Engine and Automated Backup with Integrity Verification with every website on the Internet. You are not limited to any particular technology. Whatever your choice will be, Perfect Dashboard will be there to make your work more efficient.


Download and Install Perfect Dashboard to get free credits worth 25 Euro and use them to enjoy all premium features for free!

This Extension is offered as:

  • Perfect Dashboard Pay As You Go Extension – you are be billed only for websites you want to manage using Perfect Dashboard. You will always be asked for confirmation first – To choose this plan download and install the extension. Purchases can be made inside the application.
  • Perfect Dashboard for Plesk Server Extension – it automatically comes with a subscription for all websites located on the server – To choose this plan click “Buy now”

 Note: This extension has been discontinued.

Requires Plesk 17.0.17 and up
Developer Perfect Dashboard sp. z o.o.
Category Backup
Web Apps & Site Editing
Web Development
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