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MagicSpam for Plesk Extension 2018MagicSpam Embedded Protection

All existing Plesk users now have access to the industry-leading spam protection technologies, thanks to the all-new Freemium bundle for Plesk!

MagicSpam comes fully-integrated with any Plesk 12+ package, blocking spam at the edge before it gets a chance to be filtered. There’s no need to change DNS or MX records. And your protection comes ready to go with complete logging, statistics, and custom controls.

Now Plesk resellers can easily upsell the full features of a paid subscription to their customers, no sweat.

MagicSpam Plesk Extension Live Stats

Live Stats

Updates automatically in real-time so that you never miss a beat

MagicSpam Plesk Extension Custom Settings

Custom Settings

Gives you the most out of your protection with personalized controls

MagicSpam Plesk Extension Optimum Usability

Optimum Usability

 Simple to use with our complete graphical user interface

MagicSpam Plesk Extension Ultimate Protection

Ultimate Protection

 Offers Zero Day Protection from Trojans, Bots, and other Malware

MagicSpam Plesk Extension Superior Technology

Superior Technology

Identifies spam during SMTP phase – we call this Mail Server Profiling™


Pure Efficiency

Lowers your bandwidth and reduces backscatter & system overhead


Made for easy integration and effortless maintenance, MagicSpam used the proven anti-spam technology. One that already protects millions of users worldwide, and is based on LinuxMagic’s own MagicMail technology.

It’s specially designed to reduce the overhead, bandwidth, and backscatter that results from spam attacks. Just by blocking spam before it’s processed and reaches your mailbox.

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MagicSpam identifies spam during the SMTP handshake phase by tying into the native SMTP daemon (PRE-DATA). It blocks spam instead of using the overhead of filtering. And also offers you more “Zero Day” prevention against new attackers.

With a full management GUI, statistics, graphs, logging, custom controls, RBL’s, blacklists, exemptions and many other tools, MagicSpam is easy to use and simple to understand.

Get MagicSpam protection for an unlimited amount of email addresses and domains by clicking below.


“MagicSpam is such a relief, it simply blocks out most of the rubbish that gets thrown at the server – and I mean most! 1,765 emails today, only 20 let through and none of which were spam! Excellent support and well-priced! Keep it up.”

— Matt


Requires Plesk 12.0.0 and up
Developer LinuxMagic
Category  Mail
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