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Why Social Media Should Matter to Small Businesses

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Social Media isn’t optional for small businesses

Many small businesses do not invest in social media for a wide variety of reasons. They often don’t see how they’re going to gain enough ROI, might not have the resources or time to spend on social media and are unsure social media is a channel that will reach their customers effectively. However, most of these concerns are addressed when we understand how to utilize the capability of social media as a marketing and communication tool. Social media is one of the most accessible ways to engage with your target audience and one of the most cost-effective ways to market and promote your business and brand, while also building an online presence.

You need to fight for your place

For SMB’s, taking out national TV spots for brand awareness is nearly impossible. Social media is the perfect platform for a small business to gain visibility for their brand and build brand equity, at a low cost. Small businesses can engage online from a thought leadership perspective, create branded content and build savvy social media marketing campaigns to get the word out about their company, and educate their audience quickly and easily.

Like a relationship, it’s hard work

Rising competition in the digital space is making it harder and harder to stand out. SMB’s understand that consumers have many choices available to them and they will choose to go with a business that they know, like and trust. Social media offers one of the best ways to build relationships with these potential customers. SMB’s need to utilize social media to regularly and thoughtfully engage with their followers, share high quality content and build a community around their business. Showing that there are real people behind the blogs and posts is key. A great way to continually interact with your followers and have visibility into your social activity, as well as analytics on what is working for your business, is to utilize a Social Media Management Tool, like Sóshlr, to streamline these efforts.

But it’s very cost-effective

Social media is still one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for all types of businesses and can be a budget friendly initiative for an SMB. Businesses can start small by distributing content and nurturing their community with valuable information. In addition to improving your SEO via posting and sharing relevant content, social media advertising and retargeting campaigns are an excellent way to drill down and hyper-target the right audience for your business. With more internet users making their favorite social media sites their first go-to, small businesses who are actively engaging on social media platforms and furthermore, advertising and marketing on social, have the potential to reach more customers than ever before, at a relatively low cost.

So go be social!

These are just a few of the many reasons why social media matters to small businesses in 2017 and beyond. It’s important that we continue to unlock the full potential of social media and take advantage of it as a powerful marketing tool. What are the social media plans for your business in 2017?  

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